Shadow Coaching

We offer Shadow Coaching as a specific application of coaching based our observation and feedback of your individuals or groups in action. Whether in the boardroom or on the field, we believe that being in the trenches with you has incredible value.

Shadow Coaching is a facilitated learning process in real-time based on a reflective approach for specific performance realities you or your team face on a day to day basis.

This type of coaching works particularly well in areas of work ethic, decision making and conflict management for individual and team performance.

What is shadow coaching used for?

The need for shadow coaching may arise for purposes of individual performance or group dynamics in need of behavioural change. Some teams may need motivation while others corrective support. Helping leaders learn to communicate in powerful and healthy ways improves the overall the overall environment for everyone involved.

How does shadow coaching work?

Our coaches shadow clients in their general daily activities or work more specifically with presentation skills, team building or overall engagement. This may mean shadowing clients in their daily work environment, or at events such as project workshops, presentations or conferences.

Shadow coaching increases the ability to focus and slow thought processes down, making self-examination of detailed activities, combined with input and feedback, a comfortable and successful experience.

Shadow Coaching provides an effective method to

* Go beyond the surface of what people say they do

* Discuss and identify what behaviours are needed from individuals and teams

* Explore the dynamics of critical situations

* Discuss behavioural patterns

* Identify micro-behaviours that make all the difference to success

What are the benefits of shadow coaching?

Through the Shadow Coaching can unlock dynamics that block performance excellence. It can address ineffective habits and address unspoken blockages.

The organization benefits by demonstrating commitment to making change and to new and better ways of working.

Teams benefit by understanding what’s expected of them and seeing that out-of-date behaviours will be addressed. Shadow coaching can improve morale and see positive improvements in employee engagement.

Individuals become better aware of their leadership presence and their ability to communicate and act in a powerful and effective manner.

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