Hero Leadership is a performance based program designed to help individuals who are in positions of leadership with an understanding of the impact and responsibility of being a high performance leader as well as what it means to lead high performance teams. 

Coaching sessions and workshops are designed to support success with effective communication and interpersonal skills.

At the core of every effective leader is ACTION. The way we measure if a person is being an effective leader is if they are in action moving towards a specific result.

HERO Leadership offers extensive leadership growth opportunities for professional development and workplace enhancement. We work with individuals, teams and organizations who are interested in cultivating leadership skills and optimizing performance.

We focus in two areas:  

  • Self leadership – managing self & one’s own performance. 
  • Team leadership – managing the performance of others.

Self Leadership – Managing / leading self 

  1. Leadership style – leveraging leadership capabilities, competencies, and personality 
  2. Time management – optimizing, prioritizing, and maximizing time. 
  3. Powerful mindset – developing a positive attitude
  4. Energy management – habits of excellence and self care

For the Individual Performer:

We work with individuals to grow and develop leadership presence, mindset, and skill set. We understand the importance of increasing leadership capacities to generate commitment, execution, and actionable outcomes.

Individual Benefits of working with us:

  • Leadership competency assessment to identify initial coaching baseline.
  • Close the gap between current reality and where you want to be.
  • Build on strengths and eliminate barriers to success.
  • Develop a plan to build core leadership competencies.
  • Actualize, execute, and achieve goals for overall growth and development.

Team Leadership – Managing / leading others

Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills – becoming an effective communicator requires certain skill sets. Professionals will learn key communication tools which will allow them as team members to deal with issues proactively and stay focused on the team’s highest priorities to drive results. The key communication tools include:

  1. Delegation and Decision Making
  2. Motivating the Team
  3. Handling Conflict 
  4. Making Clear Agreements 
  5. Real Time Quality Feedback          

For Team Performance:

We believe developing strong teams is essential to creating a high performance organization. We work with teams to develop effective communication strategies and accountability that foster a high engagement workplace.

Team Benefits of working with us:

  • Development of specific leadership skills – listening, understanding personality styles, delegation, conflict management, team building, and persuasion.
  • Improved time management and accountability
  • Renewed sense of team purpose, clarity, and focus
  • Greater team cohesion, effectiveness, and productivity

Contact Lead Like a Hero Coaching

We champion and inspire value-based performance which supports the achievement of overall success. If you are choosing to step into your fullest potential, contact us, we look forward to working with you.

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