Hero Sport is a mental strength training approach designed to empower athletes by integrating the essential of self leadership, personal mastery, and a powerful mindset for purposes of achieving extraordinary levels of high performance and results. Mental performance excellence is the result of building confidence and using one’s own mental superpower.

Own and use your superpowers: Heart Enthusiasm Resilience Ownership

How HERO Sport Makes a Difference:

Skill develops skill, whereas self belief and mental focus strategies develop a HERO mindset.

In a fun and positive learning environment, HERO Sport adheres to the principles necessary to develop attributes that pave the wya for desired success which benefits athletes not only in sports, but all areas of their lives!

HERO Sport Online Course Include:

  • Online classroom sessions – dynamic engagement and group interaction
  • Distribution of HERO Performance handbook
  • Introductory ‘Mental Strength Assessment’ to determine a starting baseline
  • Final evaluation report at the end of the contract
  • Assignments designed for maximum integration and impact
  • Access to one on one coach to assist in their HERO journey

Are you a coach or parent? We can help:

HERO Sport not only champions athletes but support coaches, and parent to play their position to the best of their abilities. We partner with your team because we know this aligned and collaborative approach yields extraordinary results.

For coaches:

We help coaches deepen their ability to effectively communicate, connect, engage, build trust with, and motivate their athletes and parents.

For parents:

We help parents understand and leverage their support role and communication style with their athlete and coaches.

Contact Lead Like a Hero Coaching

We champion and inspire value-based performance which supports the achievement of overall success. If you are choosing to step into your fullest potential, contact us, we look forward to working with you.

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